nullAnnounced today, "Sprinter" will be the title of the next feature film from Jamaican director Storm Saulter, whose 2010 drama, "Better Mus’ Come," was distributed stateside by ARRAY (the multi-platform distribution arm of AFFRM) in 2013, and who co-created the New Caribbean Cinema Series (a pioneering approach to filmmaking in the Caribbean that was formed in order to act as a showcase of the creativity from the region’s up and coming filmmakers).

The project, which is inspired by some of the most famous Jamaican sprinters, is currently being shopped at the Cannes Film Market by producer Don Ranvaud ("City Of God"). 

“With "Sprinter," I want to do for running films what ‘Raging Bull’ did for the boxing film,” Saulter tells Screen Daily, adding that he plans to use “track and field as a vehicle to explore the experiences of a modern Caribbean family in all of its complexity."

“This is about the pressure that kids in Jamaica have, to become athletes and obviously sprinters,” producer Don Ranvaud chimed in.

Both gentlemen have teamed up to make 3 films together, with "Sprinter" being the first. 

The completed film, which will have its own original reggae soundtrack, is being prepped for release just prior to the 2016 Olympics in Rio. 

Sandor Söth ("The Notebook") is co-producing.

It’s worth noting that writer/director Saulter Saulter also has years of experience as a commercial photographer, and has worked on a number of TV commercials for Jamaican sprinting king Usain Bolt. 

By the way, his feature film debut, "Better Mus’ Come" is currently streaming on Netflix.