Feeling out of place or as though you don’t belong is a shared human experience we all may experience one day. However, for minorities, and especially Black people, it is often an experience that is dictated by their ethnicity.

On Bravo‘s Summer House, Mya Allen found the courage to address her experience in being in the Hamptons’ house as a person of color. In a very transparent conversation with the group, she shared her experience after castmate Andrea Denver called Allen the wrong name. Allen shares with Ciara Miller that she felt invisible– a feeling Miller was familiar with.

The two engage in a discourse with the group to educate them on their experience.

“Me and Mya had some conversations this weekend, ” Miller began. “I’m just trying to check in with her and see how she’s doing in terms of meshing with this group.”

“Last summer I was super intimidated to come to the Hamptons when it was all … it’s predominantly white,” Miller shared. “But there’s an automatic feeling of I might not be adequate enough to fit in when people don’t look like you.”

Miller shared that Allen was hurt Denver called her the wrong name. She added she knew it wasn’t malicious, but it still hurt. “I’ve been in the house for four weeks,” Allen said. “I’m Mya…”

The cast empathized and shared their concerns with other members validating the experience as minorities.

Fans weighed in, saying this conversation was important:

“Being called someone else’s name or being mistaken for another black person is annoying AF and rude,” wrote someone. “I definitely get where Mya was coming from.”

“Surprisingly, Kyle handled that conversation with Ciara and Mya like a genuine, sincere, well-adjusted human who was ready to do the work and listen and learn,” said someone else.

“Ciara and Mya’s conversation about microaggressions and the lack of effort this cast makes to understand others’ experiences is ,' another person wrote.

Watch a clip of the women on 'WWHL' below: