Summer House continues to provide viewers with various “Wait… What?” moments.

The current “Wait… What?” moment was brought to viewers by no other than Austen Kroll.

The episode opened with Ciara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard once again at odds. Hubbard and Miller were at each other’s throats due to Kroll coming over. Hubbard and Kroll had made amends after having a friend break. Hubbard invited Kroll for her 35th birthday soirée.

Miller was not too happy to discover Kroll was coming to the Hamptons. Next, fast forward to Kroll arriving and instead of taking the open room as most would assume, Hubbard wanted Kroll to spend the evening in her room. Miller, learning of the housing arrangements, was upset before Luke Gulbranson pointed out her hypocrisy.

What took the cake was Kroll asked Miller if she wore sunscreen. Twitter had a field day.

One fan wrote “The fact that Austen is shocked Ciara needed sunscreen is confirmation she needs to forget this man. Melanin burns too sir!”

Someone else wrote, "If EVER I found Austin desirable, the SECOND he questioned why a person of color needed sunscreen I’d DRY UP #SummerHouse."

Another person added, "Austin with the absolute caucasity to ask Ciara if she wears sunscreen??? That boy is trash."

Fans really couldn't believe the moment happened

Summer House airs weekly on Bravo.