Talented young filmmaker Erica A. Watson is raising funds for her new film Roubado, her third year thesis
project at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Roubado centers on Alain Castelo, an introverted, Afro-Portuguese teen growing up in the
South of France. As he suffers his parents’ recent breakup, the only
solace he can muster is his penchant for photography. When his mother’s
new live-in boyfriend crosses the line, Alain’s eyes are opened to the
world and he can no longer hide behind the viewfinder of his vintage

The story stems from an unlikely friendship with she struck up with a 16 year old
Afro-Portuguese photographer on the streets of Cannes, France two years
ago. Although the film takes place in the South of France, writer/director Watson and her crew plan to shoot the majority of it in Los Angeles, California.  Her crew, as you’ll also see in the promotional video below, also include cinematographer Tommy Maddox-Upshaw, producers Tierney Young and Daniel Willis, 1st AC Xavier Bergin, and storyboard artist Brian Rhodes.

The funds donated to this film will help cover the cost of:

  • Food for our hard working cast and crew
  • Lifeguards to keep our cast and crew safe when shooting in the ocean
  • The cost of travel to France for the Director and Cinematographer
  • Production design (we will re-create a French style apartment here in Los Angeles)
  • The development and transfer of 16mm film
  • Wardrobe
  • The rental of special equipment
  • Special Effects
  • Festival Submission fees
  • Kickstarter and Amazon fees (approx $1000 will be deducted from the funds raised)

I first met Watson on that same aforementioned trip to the Cannes Film Festival two years ago when she doing a video interview of former S&A contributor Ms Woo.  She’s been attending Cannes for the past five years now where she’s had films in Un Court Metrage aka the Short Film Corner.  Since that time its been wonderful to see her development from a promising young Detroit-based filmmaker to a woman whose passion for telling great stories is equaled by her growing skill at creating great cinema.

See some of her past work HERE and her Kickstarter campaign for Roubado HERE and on the widget below.