“Love and War” singer Tamar Braxton has put herself into the fire again. This time, she’s seemingly coming to the defense of reality television producer Carlos King. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burrus appeared on the Haus of Aaron, where she called out King for allegedly stealing her group Xscape’s life story. Braxton disagrees with these allegations and made her opinion so on social media. The two singers have had issues in the past.

King allegedly tried to steal from Burruss

Burruss alleges that King betrayed her in an ultimate way. According to her, they fell out because he stole the rights to her group’s biopic. Initially, people believed it was due to the horrible rumor Phaedra Parks spread about Burruss planning to drug and sexually assault Porsha Williams. King quit the show after that, leaving fans to believe he was part of the drama.

"So people always think it’s because of the whole Phaedra and Porsha…and that is not why," she said. "I still to this day do not believe he ever told her that.

“He said he never told her that. The networks did they questioning or whatever. He never told her that. That is a lie to the depths of ****. So y’all can stop telling that story. Y’all need to go buy The Bravo book, they explain to you that Carlos did not tell her that. So y’all can stop believing that lie. No. I do not mess with him because of what he tried to do to my group and our life story,” she said in the interview.”

Instead, she says King was slick by going behind her back to sell a biopic about Xscape without her or her group member's knowledge.

She also says he tried to have her mother involved under false pretenses. Burruss says his actions are unforgivable, and notes that throughout their friendship, King never expressed interest in such a project.

YouTuber Kempire posted a video detailing recent Instagram posts from King and Braxton:

Braxton shades Burruss

Apparently, Braxton is team King. He hasn’t directly responded to any of these allegations, but Braxton recently reposted a video of herself on performing stage that King posted writing: “My bish is back.” Braxton reposted it with the caption, “My friend Carlos King who don’t got to steal nobody nothing I love you.”

This could be perceived as aimed at Burruss.

There once a beef between the two women, but that was squashed when they both appeared on Season 2 of Celebrity Big Brother. Burruss even had Braxton be a part of her “Dungeon Tour.”