Former Basketball Wives star Tami Roman has had a flourishing career in movies and television, but she never forgets her time on Basketball Wives.

The actress has several shows on television, including BET+’s The Ms. Pat Show and Carl Webber’s The Family Business.

Roman recently did an interview with reality super producer Carlos King where she discussed being on reality television and trying to get on The Real Housewives. During the “Reality with The King “podcast, Roman opened up about her time on Basketball Wives and explained how she used her acting abilities during filming.

The ex-wife of former basketball player Kenny Anderson was a fan favorite on the 'Basketball Wives.'

In her sit-down with King, Roman opened up about her time on the show.

During the show, Tami Roman and castmate Evelyn Lozada had love-hate relationship. The two women had strong personalities and often clashed. Sometimes their differences almost caused them to come to blows and ultimately caused them to dislike each other.

Roman told King about the stunts allegedly pulled behind the scenes

“To sit at that reunion [season 7] and admit they [Evelyn] sent letters to production about me and my personal business that was a lie, started a train for me like ‘this is some b——t,” she said as reported by Atlanta Black Star. “Break me behind the scenes because I was just as successful as you in front of the camera.

Roman says that even though it's called reality TV doesn't mean all the scenes are genuine.

The 52-year-old admitted upping her emotions and bringing the actress in her out to Roman expressed that production influenced every scene and wanted the ladies to “give the viewers something” Roman recalled one situation where she was serving Evelyn “lawsuit papers ” and the papers were blank.

Roman is no longer on 'Basketball Wives,' but she never left the scene.

Roman shared with King that she tried to get on Real Housewives franchise two times. Roman told Carlos that both times they were like “girl, go on somewhere, we don’t want you.”

She admitted that she would return to reality TV (as she recently did with Paramount+’s The Real World Homecoming) if the project “is something new and feels fresh.”

Listen to Tami Roman on 'Reality with The King' below: