Tavis Smiley has been ordered to pay $2.6 million to PBS for breaching his morals clause in his contract with the network, Variety reports.

In March, Smiley was found guilty of breaching his contract due to multiple affairs within the workplace. Earlier in January, an investigation commissioned by PBS found Smiley accused of enacting several types of misconduct, including verbal abuse and sexual harassment.

The $2.6 million awarded to PBS includes $1.9 million in “liquidated damages.” The damages, in this case, is the amount PBS paid to TS Media, Smiley’s production company, for two seasons of his self-titled late-night talk show. The awarded money also includes $702,898 to reimburse corporate underwriters for the money they paid to TS Media during the two seasons. Smiley also will not be able to ask for a reduction in the jury award.

This brings an end to a saga that started in 2017, during the height of the Me Too movement, when Smiley was suspended by PBS in 2017 for misconduct allegations.


Investigation Claims Tavis Smiley Victimized Staff And Guests With Sexual Harassment, Verbal Abuse


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