I think most of us probably forgot all about this upcoming movie, starring Halle Berry and her current main squeeze, Olivier Martinez, which was shot in South Africa last fall.

It’s the shark thriller titled Dark Tide, in which Ms Berry stars as a diving instructor who is “drawn to close encounters with the White Sharks that rule the shores of the isolated island on which she lives.” Olivier plays Halle’s husband in the movie, who “chooses ambition over his wife’s safety in a split second encounter with the jaws of death, leading to their marriage nearly falling apart.

The film has an American distributor, according to IMDB, but no official release date. It really should be done by now, and a trailer will probably turn up online soon.

Can’t really say what to expect here… Halle’s stock isn’t very high at the moment, given the reception of her last film, Frankie And Alice; so, Dark Tide could actually turn out to be a significant film in Halle’s career. Although she’s attached to at least 1 high profile project – the Cloud Atlas adaptation by Tom Twyker, shepherded by the Wachowskis, with Tom Hanks confirmed to star. So, who knows.

But other than Dark Tide, which really should be out this year, she doesn’t have any other titles on the horizon. Sure, she has a bit part in the ensemble romcom sequel to Valentine’s Day, titled New Year’s Eve, which I believe will be out before New Year’s Eve, but it doesn’t appear to be much of a role. And she had to drop out of the stage play, The Mountaintop, to tackle a custody battle.

So, I’ll say she’s kind of reeling right now, and in need of a hit. Although, one could argue that she’s been reeling since she won the Oscar 9 years ago.

Anywho… here’s the first teaser poster for Dark Tide, which I came across on the film’s IMDBPro page this morning… not much to see here… it’s “dark” and there are tides 😉