Last update on this flick was in May; at the time, there wasn’t a slotted release date for it. Now there is… at least for those in the USA and the UK.

Late in the spring, Sony Pictures acquired North American distribution rights to the UK-produced thriller titled Retreat, which stars Thandie Newton, Cillian Murphy and Jamie Bell.

In the film, directed by Carl Tibbetts (his feature film directorial debut), Murphy and Newton play a couple who travel to a remote island cottage, in an effort to focus on putting back the pieces of their broken marriage; their plans are altered by a wounded and armed stranger (Bell), who shows up at their door, carrying news about a deadly airborne virus; the trio, in the interest of survival, seal themselves inside the cottage, and, as you’d expect, like caged animals, tensions rise from the psychological to the physical.

The film’s producers promise “a really strong script loaded with twists and turns and with great performances . I haven’t read many early reviews, so I have no idea what to expect here, other than to say that I dig the talent in front of the camera.

I’ll find out soon enough, as Sony will release Retreat in the USA on October 21st, and in the UK on October 14th.

With this news also comes a new theatrical trailer, which I embedded below: