In an article no doubt aimed more at white people than blacks, Allison Samuels in The Daily Beast discusses the the on-going debate and friction between Spike Lee and Tyler Perry and what they both represent in terms of black cinema.

Of course I say the article was mainly written for white people, because we know what’s been going on for some time. I mean, not even a week goes by when we don’t deal with it on S & A for Christ sakes. I suspect most whites either still don’t know who Tyler Perry is, or they think Perry is Spike. He just maybe changed his name.

But it a pretty concise report of the battle going on between them and behind the scenes in black Hollywood.

Samuels does reveal however that it’s not only Spike who has problems with Perry. As she states in the piece: “Listen, no one in black Hollywood is going to attack Tyler’s work—in public that is,” says a well-known black Hollywood producer who also asked not to be identified. “But be clear, no one–not the black actors in his films or anyone else black in this industry–thinks he’s doing outstanding work. No one is going to say that out loud of course because they need the work. He’s the only one hiring.

That’s pretty much exactly what I’ve also heard from people who have been involved with his films. They know they’re crap, but, hey, they’ve got to eat. Beggers can’t be choosers. But if you would like to read the piece you can do so HERE.