When the cast of Deadly Cheer Mom was announced, The Bold and the Beautiful fans were thrilled when they found out that Karla Mosley was part of the cast.

The horror film — which premiered last week on Tubi — is inspired by a true story and also co-stars Mena Suvari and Tommi Rose.

“The ripped-from-the-headlines thriller follows high school cheerleading captain Beth (Rose), as her world is turned upside-down when salacious videos of her smoking and drinking circulate around the school, resulting in her removal from the squad,” reads the tagline from the film. “Beth insists the videos are fake, but nobody believes her. To get her life back on track, she must catch the culprit behind the videos and prove her innocence. As she delves into her own investigation, all signs point to the person she least suspected.”

The Bold and the Beautiful alum plays Marisol, one of the “cheer moms” in question. And during our interview, Karla Mosley pointed out that one of the things she loved so much about the role was that she was able to flex her acting muscle outside of her “normal personality.” Mosley explained that she’s a naturally cheerful and outgoing person — and playing a villain was nothing short of “wonderful” for her.

Shadow & Act recently sat down with The Bold and the Beautiful alum to exclusively chat about this project, and others.

Editorial note: Portions of this interview have been edited and condensed for clarity.

On 'Deadly Cheer Mom':

Horror! Deadly Cheer Mom was so much fun to do. I really had a chance to do something different than I normally do. And the fact that I got a chance to work with Tubi — and with people like Mena [Suvari] — is nothing short of a blessing.

On her devoted 'The Bold and the Beautiful' fans:

It’s pretty amazing, actually, how many people still remember me from The Bold and the Beautiful after all these years. I loved the role of Maya — and even though it was time to move on, I hated having to leave her behind. I’m proud of the legacy of the show, and the role I was blessed to play.

How would she like to be remembered?

I always want my fans — especially my fans from the soaps, like The Bold and the Beautiful and Guiding Light — for always being there for me, for following my career, and being so loyal. I wouldn’t be anywhere without them. And their support is always — always — appreciated.