It’s safe to say that things escalate very quickly in the first three episodes of The Boys season 3.

Though it seems like Butcher (Karl Urban) and Hughie (Karl Urban) may be on different ends of the same battle at the start of the season, the latter quickly learns that the former’s way may be the only way to go.

Shadow and Act recently spoke to Urban, Quaid and Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko) about season 3, where we pick up with their characters and what we see from them so far this season.


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“With every season of the show, I feel like one of my favorite aspects is Hughie and Butcher renegotiating their relationship,” Quaid told us. “It was one thing season 1, a different thing season 2, and this season it starts with Huey more or less being Butcher’s boss, which Butcher was very much not happy with. They’re the supe issue from two different perspectives. Hughie very much wants to do it the right way with the government backing him, I think as he says, ‘less covered in blood and guts.’ But as things go in our show, that quickly comes back, and he eventually has to swallow his pride and just say to Butcher that we have to do it your way. There is no right way. And I thought them coming together and agreeing on that and then kind of getting to bond on a deeper level was really fascinating to play and one of my favorite parts of doing this season for sure.”

Urban said that the relationship between Jack and Hughie reminded him of how they were in season 1.

He said, “I really loved getting to work with Jack again the season in a way that reminded me a lot of the relationship in season 1, where there was a real bond between these two. That was fractured and season 2, and in this season, they both find themselves aligned primarily because of the threat that Homelander poses to Starlight and to Ryan. So the two of them are sort of launched on this trajectory that brings them close together.”

And one of the most dynamic character arcs in season 3 belongs to Kimiko, and we see hints of this in the first three episodes with more to come.

Calling the character dynamic as well, Fukuhara explained, “In one scene, she’s like ripping heads off and she’s just like a murderous badass. But then, you can also see all of her vulnerability and emotions pour out and others. So having the luxury of playing those two has been really great for me. I love her connection with Frenchie (Tomer Kapon), so whatever scenes I get with him have been wonderful to play. You have to have a lot of trust, especially when you’re doing the more emotional moments. And so it’s just been wonderful playing opposite him.”

The first three episodes of The Boys are streaming now on Prime Video, with new episodes dropping on every Friday.