The toughest stage in the production is now behind them (granted every stage presents its own set of challenges; but I think we can agree that raising necessary funds/financing is often the hurdle that most are never able to get over).

The Kickstarter campaign they launched a month ago, officially ended today, October 9, with a grand total raised of $32,665 (from 477 backers, or about $68 each) – 30% more than their campaign goal, which was $25,000! 

Needless to say, they're definitely making this movie. Congrats to Dennis DortchNuma PerrierJeanine Daniels, Desmond Faison and the rest of the Black &Sexy Team!

The Couple, the movie, is coming…

If you missed our in-depth interview with Dennis about the translation of the web series to feature film, you absolutely must read it, as it's chock-full of vital information; do so HERE