It’s Michael Ealy vs. Omar Epps in the first trailer for Lionsgate’s The Devil You Know.

The film also stars Will Catlett, Glynn Turman, Curtiss Cook, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Erica Tazel, Vaughn W. Hebron, Keisha Epps and Ashley A. Williams, with Theo Rossi. Charles Murray is the writer and director.

The crime drama is executive produced by Epps, Ealy, Matthew Helderman, Luke Taylor, Tyler Gould, Sam Levine and Michael Ealy with Roy Scott MacFarland, Jackie J. Stone, Marc Danon, and Charles Murray as producers.

The official description:

Boundaries and bonds are tested in this gritty crime-thriller drama about family, morality, and redemption. Once-incarcerated Marcus Cowans (Omar Epps) is trying to turn over a new leaf with the support of his loving family. Upon discovering that one of his brothers (Will Catlett) may have been involved in a horrific crime, Marcus grapples with the limits of brotherhood and loyalty. He and his family, increasingly weary of the justice system’s failings, end up in the crosshairs of a seasoned but jaded detective (Michael Ealy). Written and directed by Charles Murray, The Devil You Know evokes the question: Am I my brother’s keeper? And at what cost?

In a prior statement, Murray said:

“I’ve lived with this idea for many years and seeing it come to life with this stellar cast and driven crew has been nothing short of a dream come true. Loving movies as much as I do, having the opportunity to work with Glynn Turman, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Omar Epps, Michael Ealy, and the rest of the cast has been equally rewarding as a fan and as a creative. I enjoyed every minute of it.”




Watch the trailer below: