Ryan Michelle Bathé is on a roll. She stars in the new NBC series, The Endgame, and it’s a type of role that we haven’t seen her in before. Additionally, she’s in the BET+ series First Wives Club, with the show’s second season premiering over the summer to rave reactions from fans.

Bathé says she’s busier than ever before, which means she’s working and being an active wife (to her one-time co-star Sterling K. Brown) and mother.

In a recent interview with S&A, Bathé spoke about how she manages it all. More than anything, she’s excited for fans to see her expand her skills in The Endgame.

The Endgame is a thriller drama that follows Elena Federova (Morena Baccarin) who is an international arms dealer that goes up against FBI Agent Val Turner (Ryan Michelle Bathé) in a high-stakes cat and mouse showdown. 

Her role on ‘The Endgame’ has allowed her to stretch herself as an actor

Bathe has dug her skin into Endgame. Unlike other roles, she realizes this is grittier than her fans are used to seeing her portray a character. It’s the one thing that attracted her the most to this project.

“I like the idea that there were two really strong, wonderful women who had these very interesting characters and an interesting dynamic between the two of them,” she told Shadow and Act in a recent interview. “And I also really did like the idea of being able to do something that was a challenge for me and that no one’s ever seen me do including me.”

Furthermore, she says she had to dig deep during filming. She’s typically able to have the support of multiple actors on a set. This time was different. “I’ve always been able to rely on an ensemble of people, and I’ve been very lucky and blessed to have these incredible partners in crime,” she said. “This was very challenging to do.”

She says her and Sterling K. Brown’s booming careers have made them make some adjustments

Brown and Bathe have been married since 2007. Their careers are booming now more than ever in a time where streaming has allowed for more work opportunities. But that also means they spend more time apart, which Bathe admits has taken some time to adjust to.

“Because I’m the mom, I’m the woman of the house. I run the house and I’ve abdicated my throne. And there is a new sheriff in town with Sterling and I don’t always like the way the new sheriff does things,” she says. “And I can’t come home and regulate right now. It’s not my job anymore. And I’m so used to regulation…It’s a new world for Sterling and I. We’re both busy and one of us is away from home.”

Watch the full interview where Bathe discusses filming in a COVID-19 world, how work has increased amid the pandemic, balancing family, and more.


The Endgame airs Monday nights on NBC at 10 pm EST.