The first Annual Nollywood Digital Cinema Fair will be held in the last week of July 2014, in the atrium of the Silverbird Galleria of the Silverbird Cinemas, 133, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos. 

Nollywood Digital, is a multimedia platform to showcase the latest developments in digital film production and digital cinema equipment that will have an annual Nollywood Digital Cinema Fair.

The Nollywood Digital Cinema Fair will be the first of its kind in West Africa; to connect the filmmakers, cinematographers, photographers, broadcasters and marketers to the knowledge base of digital media technologies of the manufacturers and also to bridge the wide communication gap between them.

Nollywood Digital focuses on digital film production and digital distribution of Nollywood movies in all genres for the promotion of accessibility to the latest developments in digital cinema technology to improve the quality of the movies and increase the appreciation of Nollywood to boost the Nigerian film industry in the world.

The Nollywood Digital Cinema Fair is a three-day event.


  • Introduction and Promotion of the latest digital cinema technologies in Nollywood to improve the quality of digital film production for Nollywood movies for the appreciation of the Nigerian film industry in the highly competitive global film market.
  • Accelerated development of digital cinema in Nigeria and West Africa.
  • Sustainable development and advancement of the knowledge base of digital cinema technology in the Nigerian film industry.


It is projected that the first annual Nollywood Digital Cinema Fair will attract over 50,000 visitors from within Lagos, the most populous state in Nigeria with over 21 million people and the entertainment hub of West Africa, including the over 10, 000 filmmakers and film students in Nigeria and from neighbouring Ghana, the second biggest market for Nollywood movies in Africa, film studios, advertising companies; investors in the booming Nigerian digital video film industry and movie theaters; top government officials and representatives of Nigeria’s important cinema chains, film distributors and those seeking joint-venture partnerships with manufacturers of digital cameras for digital photography and digital cinematography for the entertainment industry and mass communication services.


The publicity will reach over 20 million TV viewers, 43 million radio listeners, 5 million newspapers readers and over 50 million people on the social media networks. The special publicity platforms will include:

–           Press advertisement and editorial coverage in major Nigerian newspapers and magazines;

–           Press releases, Press Conference and briefs;

–           Radio and TV interviews and coverage on major TV and radio channels in Nigeria;

–          Social media promotions on Facebook, Twitter, YouTue, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and the most popular blogs in Nigeria.

–           Posters, billboards, neon sign adverts, banners, and other below-the-line visual materials;

–           Exhibition Catalogue/Brochure

–           Exhibition Press Review and

–           Exhibition Press Supplement.


  1. You will get maximum exposure in Nollywood, the most popular, biggest and largest film industry in Africa and third largest producer of digital videos for both home entertainment and regular movie theaters with millions of followers in Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa with over 160 million people and also appreciated by millions of others in Africa and in the Diaspora.
  2. The host state, Lagos is the gate-way and commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. Lagos is the hub of Nigeria’s business and economic activities as well as its main port of entry. And with over 160 million people, Nigeria is the largest market in Africa.
  3. The fair is for Nigerian filmmakers and movie buffs and investors seeking access to the latest developments in digital film technologies, as well as international markets and investors seeking joint-venture partners and markets for intermediate and capital products and services in Nigeria and the West African communities.


§• Inclusion in rotating sponsor logos on the screen at the opening ceremony.
§• Mention in all press releases
§• Logo inclusion on local print ads
§• Logo inclusion on all copies of the brochure, poster and trailer, banners, signage and roller banners display at the venue..
§• Logo on all public billboards and on the official website and social media platforms of Nollywood Digital.
§• Presentation of sponsors before the audience at the opening ceremony.
§• Gift Bags branded in the logos and colours of the sponsors – approx. 5000 bags with press kits of the sponsors.
§• Sponsor is entitled to first consideration for future public events of Nollywood Digital Cinema Fairs and other events.

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