Tik Tok is reminiscing on ’90s classic The Five Heartbeats with viral clips from the film.

TikToker @zerenityblues posted a clip from the film featuring the main actors–Robert Townsend (who also directed), Harry Lennix, Leon, Tico Wells and Michael Wright–singing “Nothing But Love.” The comments were full of people remembering their favorite parts of the scene, including Wells’ character Choirboy feeling the spirit during the song.

"Choir Boy catching the Holy Ghost after his part is my favorite!" wrote one commenter with a laughing while crying emoji.

Another wrote with emojis, “not Church Boy shouting during the dance break!!! [sic] and Flash was in the corner mimicking [Wright’s character] Eddie!!!”

Another clip posted by @zerenityblues came from the scene when Duck (Townsend) and his little sister (Tressa Thomas) are putting together a song even though Duck is supposed to help his sister clean their room.

The scene includes Thomas singing with a powerhouse voice at such a young age. As one commenter wrote, “she sang the hell outta this [sic].”

“Best scene ever,” wrote another, with another commenter writing, “My absolute favorite scene of this movie.”

The conversation also turned to Thomas' career, with one commenter asking, "What ever happened with her?"

According to IMDb, The Five Heartbeats was Thomas’ film debut. In 1993, she featured in another Townsend production, TV series Townsend Television, as well as ABC Afterschool Specials. She also appeared in another film starring Leon, 2000 TV film biopic Little Richard. She has since worked as an editor and producer on short films, including The Gift Box, The Tomorrow Tree and The Yesterday Pool.

Townsend has talked about 'The Five Heartbeats' legacy in recent years.

In 2020, he said to Shadow and Act that he wouldn’t be open to making sequels for any of his films except for The Five Heartbeats.

"The thing that I would say is that I don't really try to repeat myself. I've got so many ideas in my head, I'm just trying to get all these ideas out," he said.

“The only thing I’d revisit right now is because of The Five Heartbeats because of the fans.”

He has also revisited the film’s legacy in the documentary, Making The Five Heartbeats.