Paramount+‘s latest film is adding a supernatural twist to the romance drama with The In Between starring Joey King, Kyle Allen and Celeste O’Connor.

The film centers on a teenage girl, Tessa (King), who, “after bouncing around in foster homes for most of her childhood, doesn’t believe she deserves her own love story. Everything changes after she has a chance encounter with Skylar (Allen), a senior from a neighboring town who’s a true romantic. As her heart begins to open, tragedy strikes when a car accident takes Skylar’s life, while Tessa survives. As Tessa searches for answers in the aftermath of the accident, she soon believes Skylar is attempting to reconnect with her from the afterworld. With the help of her best friend and a newfound belief that love never dies, Tessa attempts to contact Skylar one last time, in order to give their love story the epic ending it deserves.”

Shadow and Act spoke to King, Allen and O’Connor ahead of the premiere about their characters and their experience working on the film. King was approached to do the film by its writer and it turns out that she had a deep connection to his idea.

“Our writer, Mark Klein, came to me with this idea that he wanted to make into a movie and ultimately make into a book as well,” King told us. “And it struck me because his pitch of this was so beautiful and also had personal ties to his own life. And it also had a similar tie to my life. I hope my grandmother’s okay with me telling this story, but my grandfather passed away many years before I was born, I’m actually named after him. But when he left, my grandma had these experiences after he passed. One of them was she had this visitation dream and she could feel the hair on his head and could feel his skin. And it just wowed her so much, she felt like she was being visited by him and was connecting with him.”

This made her want to be involved even more. “When Mark Klein came to me with the story and told me about his experience with someone in his life that passed away, it was just all really was just so powerful and moving to me,” she added. “So I really was excited to be by part of this beautiful story.”

Watch the full interviews with the trio below: