The Lost City is a romantic comedy like you’ve never seen before.

Sandra Bullock (Loretta Sage) stars alongside Channing Tatum (Alan) in the action-packed new film, The Lost City, which might just redefine the way one looks at love and even romantic comedies depending upon how you spin it. Shadow and Act spoke to cast members ahead of the release who talked to us about the flick.

“It was such a big movie, from the get-go, kinda like the Sandra Bullock of it all,” said Patti Harrison who plays Allison, the witty assistant to the iconic actress in the film. “It’s not like anything I really thought I would do necessarily, but I definitely was like this is a crazy opportunity. It just sounded like an insane, cool opportunity to go to the DR and get to work with all these incredible people.” 

The film, centered around the journey to life after grief, is filled with twists and turns that are sure to keep those watching on the edge of their seats. The Lost City offers an all-new perspective to the genre of romance and reflects a modern world that proves that love (and life) can always be filled with the unexpected. 

“The biggest way in which [those watching] will see a shift [in the genre] is that we give you a little bit of everything,” said Da’Vine Joy Randolph who plays Bullock’s go-getting assistant Beth.

“It’s kind of like an unconventional rom com," Randolph said.

“You have a female lead who is kind of the unexpected heroine at the end who comes to save the day,” she continued. “I also love how it’s a bit more. It’s one of those movies that I would say is more up to date with the times, which is always great and more, I think, projecting the world that we actually live in with social media, and feminism and all of this stuff – yet, it still gives you all of the yummy things that you look forward and hope to see as well.”

On a more soul level, the film also offers perspective on the ease of life when you learn to let go. 

Oscar Nunez, who plays Adrian Austin, even embarked on a spiritual journey to prepare himself for the role. He explained how he went to seminary weeks ahead of shooting the film to bring the special light he felt was what his character provides.

“I’m excited that you mentioned the angel part because I wanted to get that in that he had a good soul deep down inside,” said Nunez in response to his character sort of serving as an angel in disguise in the midst of chaos. “I went to a seminary for about two weeks before shooting and hung out with priests and young men and we conferred and prayed and got in touch with our [faith].”

The Lost City is in theaters this Friday.

Watch the full interview below.