Whitney Houston

And it'll be a classy piece of non-fiction cinema I'm sure :-/

As I said in a post yesterday, just as we saw post-Michael Jackson's death, I expect that we'll see a similar exploitation for profit of Whitney Houston's passing.

It was announced this morning that UK indie production company Zig Zag Productions and tabloid paper The National Enquirer are teaming up to produce a documentary on the life of Whitney Houston.

The documentary will focus primarily on Houston's private life, with promises from the companies behind it that the film will expose details of her battle with addiction in the form of "harrowing accounts of her private life," including her marriage to Bobby Brown, and stories of domestic and drug abuse.

They say the film will also investigate her death.

"Whitney’s death sees the end of one of the greatest talents of our time… We want to tell her true story and our partnership with The National Enquirer will enable us to do just that," said Leila Monks, a Zig Zag Productions executive.

Have I just not been paying attention? When did The National Enquirer get in to the filmmaking business?

So who's going to be lining up to see this whenever it's released?