Judge Marilyn Milian is earning rave reviews from The People’s Court fans for protecting a young Black boy from further emotional torment.

The clip, which has gone viral on TikTok, comes from the episode “Taking It Out On His Kid,” shows Cadence, the son of plaintiff Sabrina Ranking and defendant James Rutherford, being subjected to his mother talking about the abuse he had sustained from his father over a computer tablet.

Once Ranking started describing what her son endured, the judge intervened.

Milian quickly halted the conversation to have Cadence taken out. Milian told him, “You do not have to sit here through this, honey.”

"Yeah, it's traumatizing to have to relive it and I'm gald she thought about that before proceeding," said one viewer. Other viewers recounted how they had to endure reliving abuse during court cases in their own lives, and others appreciated they appreciated how Milian thought about Cadence's mental well-being.

“Good job Judge!!” wrote one commenter. “He’s already lived the trauma, don’t make him keep reliving it!” Another wrote, “Yes. Good for her. Don’t make him relive what I’m sure he already can NOT forget. Bravo.”

“I love that she stopped everything to remove the victim from the room,” wrote another viewer. “Poor kid having to live through that doesn’t need to do it again.”

The full episode, which is on YouTube and embedded below, also had comments about how Milian handled the case, as well as how Cadence's father acted throughout the trial.

“Yikes! Poor Cadence,” wrote one viewer. “The irony of the dad talking about Cadence’s behavior and tantrums, while he threw several of his own in the courtroom. He thinks bullying is a parenting technique.”

“If this is how quick he loses his temper on television in front of a judge, I can’t imagine what poor Cadence has to deal with behind closed doors,” wrote another. “I don’t balme the mother for keeping him away from his abusive dad.”

"It is such a shame how the only person who genuinely cares about this child is the judge, a complete stranger. That's a shame," wrote another.

Watch the episode below and see what you think about how Milian handled the case.