With fanfare and anticipation for Stella Meghie’s romance The Photograph building up ahead of Valentine’s Day, stars Issa Rae and Lakeith Stanfield sat down with Shadow And Act to discuss the film’s universal theme of love.

When asked what is the craziest thing they’ve ever done for love, both Rae and Stanfield gave different responses.

“My out of character-ness is more passive,” Rae said. “If I like you I become obsessed with you in an unhealthy way and trying to get a grasp of that is hard for me.”

Stanfield then went one to reveal how’s he unconventional in his methods to attain love.

“I’m kind of a person who likes the element of surprise and I’m pretty creative and so I might find some ways to express my love that might be a little bit not conventional,” he said. The Atlanta star then gave a pleasantly humorous anecdote and revealed a time in which he lit a girl’s street up with fireworks.

“I was inviting her out but I made sure she came out at the right time,” Stanfield said. “And I lit one that hit another one and then it was kind of flying off everywhere,” he said. “And when she came out it was just fireworks everywhere and it was beautiful.”

The Photograph arrives in theaters on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2020.

Watch the interview below:


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