Thanks to this new Prime Video series, you don’t have to imagine a world where women hold all the power.

The Power is a coming-of-age story like the world has never seen. As teenage girls learn that they’ve developed the ability to electrocute people at will, it completely shifts the power dynamics of society as a whole.

“In the three years it’s taken us to make this show, it’s something that has become really, really relevant,” Ria Zmitrowicz, who portrays Roxy Monke, told Shadow and Act. “I think that it’s really cathartic to see women gaining bodily autonomy and, you know, it’s very timely and thought-provoking.”

Halle Bush explained how her character Allie Montgomery uses her superpower to find her voice, a message that she says is important for women of all ages.

“At first, when you see Allie in episode 1, she doesn’t have confidence,” Bush explained. “She has no confidence within her self-esteem, her body, her voice, within saying what she wants….you see her kind of like an egg– stuck in her shell and not wanting to come out at all. But then by episode 9, she’s like out of her shell and she’s fully grown and matured. She has more confidence. She has confidence in her body and her voice and speaking out and telling her story to inspire other girls.”

The actress continued, “I would say there’s a huge difference between episode 1 to episode 9 and she just goes on this remarkable journey. Honestly, it’s so beautiful to watch.”

For Toheeb Jimoh, his character, Tunde Ojo, helped him to tap into his own superpower.

“I think one of the joys of telling the Tunde part of this story is learning how to use your platform and like power being loads of different ways,” he said. “Like, it could be political power or physical power or the power of the media, today, is power. And I think Tunde figuring out his platform and figuring out how to use mine as an artist, I think that’s been the joy of his storyline. Feeding that information back to me and vice versa.”

The first episodes of The Power is now available for streaming on Prime Video.

Watch above for more from the show’s creators and other cast members like Toni Colette, John Leguizamo and Edwina Findley.