Could The Real come back?

Former co-host Adrienne Bailon Houghton has had a successful career so far and has a lot of great things on the horizon. Houghton has appeared on The Mask Singer and is currently working with her husband – gospel great Israel Houghton – on new music. The former Cheetah Girl recently opened up about the end of the daytime talk show.

Why she was happy the show ended

Houghton is one of just three original co-hosts to remain on the show all 8 seasons and during the trial run. The singer told Entertainment Tonight that she was ready for the show to end as she’d grown so much in the decade since the show began. More importantly, the show required her to be in LA, when she preferred to be in New York full-time to be close to family Houghton is currently focused on her dream of starting a family.

She's open to the show coming back with not with her as a co-host

Houghton says the show was groundbreaking for having women of color as co-hosts who could relate to millennial women. She wants the mission to continue. “I think now, with the show coming to an end, Jeannie [Mai] and I were just talking about the fact that like, we can’t let the concept of the show die, does that make sense?” she gushed. “We’re super excited for the next, like, who’s gonna be the next to do it? Who are gonna be the next faces of day time television that are representing for women in color?”

But she added: “I would love to see new faces! I’m like, the new format would not be with me!”