The search for the next Hollywood star is on, and it starts in Motherland-Africa. The new television reality show, ‘Search for Africa’s Next Hollywood Star’, according to its organisers, is to recruit acting talent in West Africa for Hollywood. Performers will be selected from Ghana and Nigeria. The TV show is organised by The Latin Dance Company, Nigeria, and their Ghanaian collaborators, Davis Media and Paradise Entertainment. Acting coach, Tracey Moore, and film producer and director, Samad Davis, both from the USA, will work closely with the contestants. The competition will see five Nigerians and five Ghanaians vie for the star prize, which includes a one year contract with a Hollywood agent and an opportunity to star alongside African American actor, Morris Chestnut, in a movie project by Davis.

Curious? Watch the video intros and promos below, and then find The rest HERE.

First, a promo for the series:

And here’s a profile of Tracey Moore on CBS:

And here’s footage from a Ghana press conference:

Facebook page for the series HERE.