LONDON HAS FALLEN Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, and Angela Bassett all reprise their roles in what will be a sequel to the Antoine Fuqua-directed White House actioner, "Olympus Has Fallen," titled "London Has Fallen." Although this one isn’t directed by Fuqua.

The Millennium Films production is directed by Swedish-Iranian filmmaker Babak Najafi, and will follow our good old American heroes as they set out to stop a terrorist plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders of the British Prime Minister’s funeral, in London. 

"Olympus Has Fallen" grossed $161 million worldwide ($98 million of that was domestic), on a $70 million production budget (not including P&A costs); Enough of a box office hit for FilmDistrict (the releasing studio, recently swallowed up by Universal) to consider backing a sequel.

A 2016 release date is expected.

Here’s an early tease to hold you over: