Netflix has a new dating show hit on its hands. The Ultimatum is a series produced by the same company responsible for Love Is Blind. The show puts six couples through the ultimate test. Now one partner is sharing her regrets about the way she handled an argument with her boyfriend on the show when things became physical. 

What ‘The Ultimatum’ is all about

The series is a new dating show that follows six couples where one partner is ready to take the next step with marriage and the other is unsure.  In a twist, the participants choose a new partner from one of the other couples to have a “trial marriage” and live with that person. After three weeks with their new partner, the original couples are reunited with their original partner for a second “trial marriage,” where they ultimately decide if they are better off with their original partner, prefer their new relationship with their trial partner, or leave the show alone.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey, hosts of Netflix’s Love Is Blind, are also the hosts of The Ultimatum.

Rae details a major issue with Zay

Rae and Zae are one of the original couples who are at a standstill in their marriage. In episode one, Rae issues Zay an ultimatum, demanding that he propose or lose her good. 

During the course of the season and amid an unexpected connection with her trial marriage partner, Jake, Rae discovers she was not prepared to marry Zay after all.

Upon Rae and Zay’s reunion, they get into an argument when she reveals she was "not ready to be engaged."

Zay stays out all night when he hears this. When he returns, Rae tells him she wants to end the relationship.  

In an interview with Insider, she explained her decision to walk away from the relationship. “When he didn’t come home, I immediately knew, ‘This is not the man for me,'” she told the outlet. “To do that in privacy would’ve been awful. To do that in the situation that we were in, with all that was going on — he just should have came home…I literally couldn’t hold back my reaction. I think if I stayed out all night and came home that Zay would literally never speak to me again. That would not be okay. Why should I accept it? If I know that he wouldn’t accept that behavior from me.” 

She regrets hitting Zay

The argument between Rae and Zay continued when the cameras stopped rolling. In the episode, Zay attempted to continue the conversation after Rae dumped him. Cameras caught him trying to stop her from leaving on camera before they walk out of the camera’s view. frame. The rest of the argument is captured via audio only.

Rae told Insider she “punched” Zay, and that Zay shoved her. She now says she is not proud of her actions.