The View watchers are irritated with Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s return, with some fans saying she turned the show into The 700 Club.

Decider reports that Hasselbeck held up Post-It notes when talking about why she doesn’t approve of the way Biden is leading the country during a segment about First Lady Jill Biden. The View panel was discussing the fact that the First Lady said she manages her family’s visits with instructions written on Post-It notes.

Joy Behar revealed that Hasselbeck herself used to use Post-It notes when she was a regular member of The View between 2003 and 2013.

Behar called her “the queen of Post-Its,” saying, “They were all over her office. I thought you were wallpapering your room.”


Hasselbeck said that she is a fan of using the sticky notes and said she had some of her own the Bidens could use.

“Americans can’t afford your America,” Gas prices hurt us,” “Recession is real,” and “Even though I did not vote for you, you have my prayers” were some of the messages written on Hasselbeck’s. She said she included the last one “because it’s a hard time and we should still be praying for our leaders.”

Fans instantly let Hasselbeck have it on the internet, with one writing, "Two minutes in I remember why I was so relieved when Elisabeth Hasselbeck left #TheView.

Another wrote that the show was torturing its viewers with Hasselbeck, adding, "I couldn't stand her then--can't stand her now. She continues to be an annoying, righteous, fake, self serving prig…We expect better."

Another commenter wrote that they felt Hasselbeck had gotten even more "entrenched" in her conservative viewpoint.

Other viewers also commented on how Hasselbeck seemed like she was becoming even more extreme in her conservatism, with one writing, “Forgot what an annoying religious wingnut Hasselbeck is. She’s getting worse with age.” Another said Hasselbeck turned her time on The View “into The 700 Club.”

A viewer asked the show “please don’t ever have that self righteous, forcing her beliefs down everybody’s throat, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, back ever again.”

“She is even worse now than in the past!” they continued. “How is that possible?”

Also, the conversation turned towards abortion rights, with Hasselbeck shaming women who have gotten abortions, according to Yahoo.

Instead of advocating for the right of bodily autonomy, Hasselbeck said that women should consider adoption. To that, one commenter wrote, “Dear women [of] color, do NOT listen to Elisabeth Hasselbeck. These adoption agencies that want your babies are rooted in white supremacy and are primarily for barren white women to get their hands on babies to fulfill their own selfish desires/aesthetics.”

As can be seen, the viewers are not here for Hasselbeck. However, The View seems here for conservative viewpoints, since it’s been reported that former Trumper Alyssa Farrah Griffin was tapped to be the permanent conservative host, filling Meghan McCain’s vacant seat.