The View co-hosts are reeling from Pope Francis’ admission that sex before marriage might not be a big deal in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

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According to Decider, Whoopi Goldberg opened the discussion by quoting Pope Francis’ latest statement, saying, “Pope Francis raised everybody’s eyebrows by declaring that sex outside marriage is ‘not the most serious sin’…and everybody was like, ‘Wait, what?’ Because he’s the spiritual leader of the church and everything.”

Ana Navarro joked, “All I gotta say is thank God! Because maybe I won’t burn in hell!” She also later talked about how Pope Francis might be taking into account his own past, saying, “Also remember, he’s been in the priesthood since 1969 in Argentina. This pope has seen things! If we got rid of every priest who’s had sex outside of the priesthood, my poodle would be left giving the homily.”