The View co-hosts were of one accord when it came to talking about the Jan. 6 commission’s decision to hold former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in contempt for refusing to cooperate with the investigation.”

The committee also revealed texts between Meadows, Fox News hosts, and congresspeople, in which the latter groups were pleading with Meadows to get Trump to tell the attackers to go home and to denounce the insurrection.

Republican guest host Amanda Carpenter came out swinging, saying, “The most despicable thing Fox News did was blame law enforcement on this.”

“…Sean Hannity knows why, those Fox News hosts know why–because Donald Trump did nothing to stop it. The National Guard was ready to go,” she continued. “The most important question I hope everyone keeps in their mind is why did it take more than three hours for the Capitol to be secure?…That is something that just happened, that is something that Donald Trump let happen, and all the reporting around it shows that he loved what happened on Jan. 6 and because of what these people on Fox News are doing it makes it much more likely it will happen again…and I dare Sean Hannity to answer me tonight because I know what’s right.”