The View co-hosts are showing their displeasure with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after he showed his bias in the Jan. 6 insurrection cases. His wife Ginny was a major player in the insurrection, yet Thomas has yet to recuse himself from the cases.

“The thing about the Supreme Court is that it’s just not bound by the same rules as other federal courts are bound by,” said Sunny Hostin, according to Decider. “They want the public to believe that the courts are impartial–but with the Supreme Court, they just don’t have the same code of conduct. So [Thomas] hasn’t recused himself of these cases his wife is very involved in. But he’s recused himself other times.”

Hostin said it's questionable as to why he hasn't recused himself, with Joy Behar saying, "It's unbelievable to me, that this is unprecedented, we've never seen this before."

Hostin said that Thomas’ lack of recusal reflects extremely horribly on the judicial system, saying, “You have to recuse yourself if a spouse is a party to litigation, an interested party. I think another thing is [an] officer, director, or trustee of an organization that is a party to the case. It’s kind of slicing pretty then, when Justice Thomas is saying, ‘Well, my wife’s not really a party, she’s not really a director of these organizations.’ But she holds a leadership position!”

Later in the conversation, Whoopi Goldberg said that the Republicans seemingly don't believe anything will happen to them.

“They don’t believe there’s any repercussions for them…Can’t the President say, ‘Listen I know you are all supposed to be a neutral body. But you’re not feeling very neutral to me. I feel like the people feel the same way, so we need to talk about what this means, what it means to be a Chief Justice.”

Watch a clip below: