Alyssa Farah Griffin has already sunk to a strange place on The View when she gives a disturbing response to Sunny Hostin’s assertion about her kids’ private lives.

According to Decider, Hostin talked about her 18-year-old son Gabriel and 15-year-old daughter Paloma, saying that for her kids, a co-ed sleepover would be “a spin the bottle episode waiting to happen.”

Sara Haines also agreed about the possibilities that a co-ed sleepover could bring problems.

“That just feels a little too ripe with opportunity,” she said, with Joy Behar adding, “The word ‘platonic’ arouses suspicion.” Griffin agreed with them both, saying that at the age of 15, “[n]othing is platonic.”


This starts Griffin's weird descent into awkwardness.

After everyone agreed that a co-ed sleepover would get raunchy, it might be okay if it was with friends who were like family. Griffin argued against this idea, saying, “Either way, it’s gonna end up as Seven Minutes in Heaven,” shocking the co-hosts.

Behar, who had to have Griffin explain what Seven Minutes in Heaven is, said that parents have "a lot of denial" about what their kids are doing.

“They think their kids are not having sex and they are,” she said. “So get with the program.” Hostin countered Behar, asserting that her kids aren’t having sex.

But as Whoopi Goldberg readied the group to go to commercial break, Griffin said, “I’ve seen pictures of your son,” as the show played its outro music.

We don't know how Hostin responded to this, but it certainly is a weird thing to say and opens up a whole host of questions, chief of which is why Griffin is even looking at Hostin's son in the first place.

One thing can be said for sure–no matter what the panel is talking about, The View will find a way to be interesting, for better or worse.

Watch the clip below: