The View is one of the most popular daytime television shows of all time, covering news and current events. The View features a panel of women who discuss topics from politics to entertainment, giving viewers different perspectives on trending news. The show has become wildly popular over the years, and has inspired similar shows around the world.

Barbara Walters Hosts ‘The View’

A key figure on The View is Barbara Walters, a journalist and daytime talk show host who has been with the show since it first aired in 1997. Barbara has played a huge role in shaping the tone and direction of the show over the years, acting as a mentor to many of her co-hosts.

Her contributions to the show have made her a beloved figure, and she is truly one of the most influential women in daytime TV history.

Despite her age, Barbara remained a central figure on The View. That is until, 2014 when she announced her retirement from the show.

Barbara Walters Sparks Concern

Walters has kept a pretty low profile since her exit from The View. So much so that fans have increasingly been questioning her whereabouts.

To make matters worse, Walters recently turned 93 years old. But she was nowhere to be found when her longtime co-host Whoopi Goldberg gave her a birthday shout-out in a recent episode.

As a result, fans grew even more worried, with many taking to social media to express their concerns.

Barbara Walters paved the way for women in the media, and is widely considered to be one of the most influential figures in the industry. And since her exit from the show, fans have been wondering who could possibly fill her shoes. Many speculate Whoopi Goldberg is preparing to take the baton. Here is what we know:

1. 'The View': The Original Lineup

The original cast members for The View were a mixed bag of five famous women: Barbara Walters, Meredith Vieira, Star Jones, Joy Behar, and Debbie Matenopoulos.

The celebrity panelists had a range of backgrounds as well, with Walters being a journalist for decades, Vieira being a news anchor, Jones being a lawyer and talk show host, Behar being a stand-up comedian, and Matenopoulos being an actress.

Together, the women brought many different points of view to the show. And their engaging, thought-provoking, and often hilarious discussions about a wide range of trending topics would delight fans for years to come.

2. Who Did Whoopi Goldberg Replace?

In 2007, Walters announced that Whoopi Goldberg would replace fellow comedian Rosie O’Donnell as moderator for the show. Known for her sharp wit, Goldberg brought a fresh perspective to The View. Her outspoken personality on a number of topics earned her many fans and unfortunately, some enemies. And now, many are wondering if Goldberg is set to replace Walters permanently.

So far, there is still no word on whether Goldberg is prepping to take on the new position. Still, fans speculate that she already has as she has pretty much acted as the lead host and moderator in recent years.

3. Where Is Barbara Walters Today?

In an interview with Variety, Walters shared her feelings about retiring. “I don’t feel like I’m being pushed out. This was my decision. I should really be depressed, but I’m not. So maybe there’s something wrong with me. What’s wrong with this woman that she’s not depressed about leaving television?”

And when Barbara Walters announced her exit from The View, many fans wished her well in her retirement. But not many knew that her departure would mean that she would retire from the public altogether.

Since her exit, Barbara Walters has been MIA, sparking concern among fans. And rumors surrounding her health have only made matters worse. Fortunately, according to the NY Post, a rep from her camp shared that Walters enjoyed “a relaxing birthday at home.” However, the source made no further mention of her or her health.

4. 'The View': What To Expect Next

Aside from its casting, The View is home to a lot more drama that keeps fans coming back for more.

As November rolls around, so do the midterm elections. And The View panelists and its guests are already getting into hot water over it all. Fans heckled Republican Senator Ted Cruz during his appearance in a recent episode. And the co-hosts engaged in a heated exchange with Ana Navarro over her thoughts on Republican Senator Mitch McConnell.

And between Whoopi Goldberg defending herself against body shamers for her role in the upcoming Emmett Till biopic and Meghan McCain beefing with her former co-hosts, there is plenty in store for The View fans.

From politics to love and everything in between, The View is constantly stirring up drama that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. And judging by recent episodes, there’s a lot more where that came from.