Fans of The View are considering boycotting the series after it was announced that Whoopi Goldberg would be suspended for two weeks after comments she made regarding the Holocaust.

On Monday’s episode, Goldberg said she felt the Holocaust was “not about race” while acknowledging that the horrific incident showcased “man’s inhumanity to man.” Her fellow co-hosts tried to educate her on the scope of the Holocaust’s effects on racial minorities, to no avail. However, later that night, Goldberg issued an apology for her words.

"On today's show, I said the Holocaust 'is not about race, but about man's inhumanity to man.' I should have said it is both.

As Jonathan Greenblatt from the Anti-Defamation League shared, ‘The Holocaust was about Nazi’s systematic annihilation of the Jewish people–who they deemed to be an inferior race.’ I stand corrected,” she said in the apology posted to social media. “The Jewish people around the world have always had my support and that will never waiver. I’m sorry for the hurt I have caused.”

However, she doubled down on her comments as a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, once again saying that Nazis "had issues with ethnicity, not with race."

She also said again that the Holocaust “was about white on white.”

“Most of the Nazis were white poeple and most of the people they were attacking were white people,” she said, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “So to me, I’m thinking, ‘How can you say it’s about race if you are fighting each other? This wasnt–I said–this wasn’t racial. This was about white on white…I was saying, ‘You can’t call this racism. This was evil.’ This wasn’t based on the skin–you couldn’t tell who was Jewish. They had to delve deeply to figure it out.”

But, as The Daily Beast reports, Goldberg also told Colbert, “I thought it was a salient discussion because as a Black person, I think of race as being something that I can see. So I see you and I know what race you are, and the discussion was about how I felt about that. People were very angry, and they said, ‘No, no, we are a race,’ and I understand. I understand. I felt differently.”

Tuesday, Goldberg and Greenblatt did have a discussion on The View, with Goldberg reiterating her apology. But this wasn't enough for Kim Godwin, president of ABC News.

Even though Greenblatt tweeted his acceptance of Goldberg’s apology, writing, “Deeply appreciate @WhoopiGoldberg inviting me on to @TheView today to have an important discussion on the importance of educating about the Holocaust. Whoopi has been a long-time ally of the Jewish community and @ADL and her apology is very much welcome,” Godwin wrote in a memo to staffers that Goldberg would be suspended for two weeks to “to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments.”

Many fans have taken to Twitter to unleash their anger over Goldberg's suspension.

Lawyer Ernest Owens wrote, “Meghan McCain got dozens of ‘teachable moments’ on The View for her racism without penalty. Whoopi Goldberg got punished the same day she apologized and educated herself on national TV. Don’t tell me anything about affirmative action and ‘reverse’ racism this #BlackHistoryMonth.”

Another wrote that Goldberg should "resign" from 'The View' because of their belief that ABC has a "double standard."

“[Meghan McCain] made ugly & divisive comments for years with no disciplinary actions taken. They need you, you don’t need them.”

Another wrote, "Whoopi's apology was heartfelt and sincere. Her suspension was ridiculous, especially in light of the fact it's Black History Month and considering how much they let Megan McCain get away with. I'm done with The View. And I truly hope [Whoopi] is too. She should 'cancel' them."

Interestingly enough, Goldberg’s co-stars also disagree with ABC News’ decision. According to The Daily Beast, Ana Navarro said to the outlet, “I love Whoopi Goldberg. I love The View. This was an incredibly unfortunate incident Whoopi is a lifelong ally to the Jewish community. She is not an antisemite. Period. I am sad.”