The conservative pundits are at it again on The View. This time around, the fans have turned on the latest one to stop by, conservative commentator and political scientist Lauren Wright.

According to Decider, Wright and the hosts of The View came into conflict over gun rights. The group gave their opinions to the landmark case of Remington paying $73 million to Sandy Hook families, making this the first time a gun manufacturer has been held accountable for an American mass shooting. Wright did say that Sandy Hook was a “horrific tragedy” that upsets her, but she claimed that suing gun manufacturers doesn’t help.

"We can all think of so many examples where we would not want a company to be sued if someone uses their product for an illegal purpose," she said, with Joy Behar replying, "And we should not be allowed to sue them, in your mind?"

Wright said that if every company who made something that could harm someone was sued, “we would have no companies lift if that was the case.” Behar quipped that her point of view was like thinking, “Well, if they’re poisoning us, good!”

Sunny Hostin said that the case is a rarity, since the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act had previously made it near impossible to sue gun makers for their products. Sara Haines also said that the settlement gives her hope because “we just haven’t seen anything move in so long.”

“To see the power of individuals that come together and say, ‘Enough is enough’ [also] just made me feel a little better.”

Wright claimed that it was wrong to give private citizens the power to fight back for justice, citing a Texas abortion law that gave private citizens the right to sue others who seek abortions.

She said that “the solution” to seeking justice isn’t giving citizens the power to indiscriminately sue, but is “about changing the laws.” But Whoopi Goldberg responded the obvious to that point of view–what happens when the people in power aren’t doing what they should to protect others?

“What happens when the lawmakers sit and obstruct those laws from shifting?” she said. “You can leave people to do the right thing, but one of the reasons we have so many kinds of laws is ’cause people don’t! I think we have to baby sit people and say, ‘You’ve gotta do the right thing.”

Viewers grew quickly frustrated with Wright, according to Decider. 

"Lauren Wright is making the slippery-slope argument about manufacturers being held accountable. Me to Lauren Wright: You do not speak for all Laurens on this," wrote one person.

Many viewers tweeted their confusion at what Wright was positing.

One wrote, “Did Lauren basically say suing companies…that there would be no companies left? Girl shut tf up.”

Another succinctly wrote, “More like Lauren Wrong.”

“#TheView needs to stop inviting ‘guest commentators’ on to say stupid s— that’s gonna cause controversy!” wrote one viewer. “It’s 2022, #JustTheFacts or I’m gonna #ChangeTheChannel.”

So far, however, ABC has been determined to find a conservative voice to fill their currently vacant hosting seat. However, only a small few have been liked by the audience, while most conservative guests just make the audience angry. Perhaps it’s time for ABC to end the search and go in a new direction.

Watch the clip below: