The View fans have once again had enough of the show flirting with giving former Trumpers a platform.

MEAWW reports that watchers are ready to boycott the show over fandom speculation that former Trump administration member Alyssa Farah Griffin could be offered Meghan McCain’s former spot as a permanent host.

People started think it was true when, in a conversation Griffin had about former Trump administration members feeling like they had to “watch their back” because of their former employer, Whoopi Goldberg told Griffin, “You know what? We’ve got your back.”

One fan wrote on Twitter, "If she is hired, I'm out all over again."

They continued, “Do the producers not see how excited we all were when Meghan left?!! I have not missed her for one second!”

Instead, several fans want Chelsea Clinton to be given a chance.

First of all, she’s not a Trumper–she’s the daughter for former President Bill Clinton. Second, she has also guest-hosted for a time and viewers felt she would be a great addition to the show. One even wrote that Clinton would “be a great moderator.”

Griffin is just one of several conservative guest hosts who have angered fans with their opinions.

While Griffin is one of the least troublesome, the bar is set quite low, with some guests spreading coronavirus misinformation and other problematic political talking points. Fans have voiced online how they want someone who uses common sense and reason to fill McCain’s spot, whether or not they are conservative or liberal.

And even if Griffin is one of the least harsh of the conservative voices to be on the talk show, she's still divisive.

It was recently reported that Wanda Sykes was scheduled to make an appearance on The View, but turned down the opportunity because of her lack of desire of taking part in furthering a former Trump administration member’s career post-White House.