Alyssa Farah Griffin isn’t a big hit with many The View watchers, if reactions to her first day are anything to go by.

Decider reports that fans have sounded off on how much they dislike Griffin becoming a new addition to The View after the 26th season premiere Tuesday. One fan wrote on social media, “After 25 years as a loyal viewer, I’m just saying no to Alyssa Farah Griffin and saying yes to reclaiming approximately 250 more hours a year to do other things.”

Another commenter wrote about how Griffin tried to argue that Republicans who follow Trump aren't fascists when responding to President Joe Biden's recent speech.

Her argument on The View was, “I take a little bit of issue with [Biden] broadly applying the term ‘semi-fascist’ to Republicans…I think Donald Trump is, I think the vast majority of his supporters are not. I think they are good people who want an economy that works for them, who saw more money in their paycheck under Donald Trump.”

"Alyssa Farah Griffin thinks Trump is a fascist but most of his supporters are not. Girl, if you support a fascist you are in fact a follower of fascism," wrote one viewer in response to Griffin

Another wrote, "If all you're thinking about is your wallet with this ignorant fascist democracy destroying scumbag at the helm, then YOU are the problem, Ms conservative."

Others also directly came from Griffin and her intention of defending the indefensible, such as when Griffin tried to compare Trump's ongoing troubles regarding the Mar-a-Lago raid, which revealed boxes of stolen classified documents, with Hillary Clinton's emails.

One viewer wrote, “The thing I don’t like about #TheView is that little whiny ‘conservative’ woman who keeps trying to own the conversation with her whataboutism. Comparing Hillary with POS. Give me a break.”

It’s not unexpected for The View fans to act this way towards Griffin, since many already said on social media they would boycott the series if Griffin was hired. Seeing how Griffin’s first day has already riled up The View fanbase, it’s clear that the remainder of the season will keep everyone on their toes and on social media.

Watch a clip below: