Joy Behar has had enough of the rhetoric regarding mental health and guns.

During Wednesday’s The View panel discussion, Sara Haines brought up how mental health is often brought up in conjunction with gun control debates.

“When guns come up, there are two things that happen: the left goes to the gun, and the right goes to mental health. What I will say is, the left at least then proposes legislation on how we can solve the gun problem,” Haines said, according to Decider.

The right says mental health, and they do nothing for mental health. They take money away from mental health [programs]."

Behar replied, “Sara…we both know, and everybody knows, that mentally ill people are everywhere in the world. This is the only country where they shoot people.” Once Haines started to rebut, Behar interjected, “Oh, stop with the mental health, it’s an irrelevant point!” She also became irate again once guest co-host Tara Setmayer argued with Whoopi Goldberg about guns and mental health.

Behar also argued against Setmayer's discussion point about gun legislation, saying that when there was legislation in place before it expired in 2004, mass shootings had "reduced."

But, as Behar said, a ban on investigating the effects of gun violence and legislation on the populace kept important information from being collected. In turn, important legislation was never put on the table.

The national conversation about gun violence continues to grow in the wake of 21 deaths at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX. Nineteen of those deaths were children attending school.