Sunny Hostin and conservative guest host Alyssa Farrah Griffin got into it about new COVID-19 mask mandates on the latest episode of The View.

According to Decider, the panel discussed Philadelphia becoming the first major location to reinstate the indoor mask mandate, leading to Griffin saying, “I just wonder why two years ago, we didn’t let people, Americans, make assessments based on their own health?”

Griffin, who previously worked for the Trump Administration, called mandates and other precautions “COVID theater,” using Nancy Pelosi going to a hair salon and Washington insiders going to the Gridiron Club in Washington D.C., despite the city’s mandates, as an example.

But once Griffin tried to assert that Donald Trump's Sept. 26, 2020 White House Rose Garden event in honor of the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett was a superspreader just because part of it was held indoors, Hostin and Joy Behar decided it was time to spread some truth.

Behar said that it’s because of the Republican Party and Trump that the country’s response to the coronavirus has been so lax. As she said, they “poisoned this well from the beginning,” resulting in millions being unvaccinated out of fear and ignorance.

While Griffin said she has been “a very outspoken Republican” telling people to get vaccinated, she doubled down on politicizing the response to the virus by saying, “There were things that were said by Democrats early on that politicized the virus.”

"What? You were a part of the administration that politicized the virus!" said Hostin, with Griffin responding, "I take responsibility!"

“You must,” said Hostin.

Once again, The View is using their own political theater for views; while it makes for possibly riveting television for some, one has to wonder how much harm spreading harmful narratives about important topics is actually doing, even if there are people like Behar and Hostin to retaliate.

Watch a clip below: