On a recent episode of The View, moderator and EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) winner Whoopi Goldberg let her disdain for Donald Trump be known.

In the episode, guest co-host and Trump’s former press secretary Stephanie Grisham was grilled by the panelists for her prior working relationship with the disgraced and twice-impeached former President during a discussion on the crisis in Ukraine.

During the discussion, the panelists discussed Trump’s obsession with the infamous Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Grisham highlighted Trump’s obsession with Putin, even pointing out their friendship and the former President’s love of dictators. 

“[Trump] wanted to be able to kill whoever spoke out against him,” Grisham said. “He loved the dictators.”

Grisham went on to highlight how the friendship between Putin and Trump was so strong that they “wrote love letters.”

Goldberg, who incurred prior controversy regarding her comments on The Holocaust, had a quip for this tidbit of information.

“Oh, just come out!” Goldberg said. “I’m turning my cheek, but these are not the people we’re supposed to be looking up to!”

However, Goldberg back-tracked almost immediately. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I better say it now before I get in trouble.”

For those unfamiliar, Goldberg was suspended for two weeks on the long-running ABC daytime talk show after a segment in which she stated the Holocaust was “not about race” but rather “man’s inhumanity to man”

Watch a clip from today's 'The View' below: