The View co-hosts discussed Michael Strahan’s upcoming flight into space on Tuesday’s episode.

According to Yahoo! Entertainment, Strahan will be the next guest on Jeff Bezos’ New Shepherd space rocket, and the co-hosts were confused as to why he, and other famous men, want to test the limits of this new wave of capitalist manifest destiny. Guest host Kristen Soltis Anderson, who was taken to task for her opinions on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict earlier in the week, voiced how “[w]omen, by a 32-62 margin, say no thank you” to space, including herself.

Sunny Hostin also said she would never want to go to space, saying, “I don’t think it’s without risk. Second of all, I mean, you know you get into a plane because you have to necessarily travel. You get into a car, because you gotta travel. But like, what’s the purpose [of going to space in a rocket]? Are you doing some sort of science research or something? No, I don’t like it. What’s the purpose?”