The View has had another instance of hosts getting into heated exchanges, this time, it involves Sunny Hostin going against everyone supporting Liz Cheney.

The constant rotation of conservative guest hosts has created some tense exchanges that grab headlines.

The brush-up occurred when Hostin went against fellow panelist Alyssa Farah and the other hosts who praised conservative congresswoman Liz Cheney ahead of her primary.

Details on what happened on Tuesday's 'The View'

While the panel discussed a Wyoming movement to convince state Democrats to vote for Cheney in the primaries. Cheney faces opposition from her colleagues as a result of her speaking out against the Jan. 6 insurrection and Donald Trump.

Farah commented on the story saying (as reported by Decider), “Mitt [Romney] and Liz are what I hope is the future of the party. I know Sunny is like, ‘You guys are too far gone.’ But I’m hoping its voices like theirs that have gone out.”

Farah also argued that “a Democrat in Wyoming is not a New York Democrat,” but “a moderate Democrat.”

“I think they see the principled stances that Liz Cheney has taken — against personal loss, criticism, potentially losing her seat — and they’re inspired by it,” she continued. “Politicians who put their own beliefs and principles over ambition — it’s so rare that we see it.”

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Hostin pushed back against the claims saying, “I don’t think we need more Liz Cheneys in office, and I think a Democrat would be crazy to vote for her.”

Host Joy Behar chimed in to say that the election is only the primary, prompting Hostin to reply with, “I don’t care! She voted with Trump 92.9% of the time, and only took a stance when the insurrection happened.”

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg commented on Cheney speaking out against the January 6th insurrection saying, “That’s a pretty big stance.”

Hostin replied by going into more of Cheney’s controversial stances such as calling Vice President Kamala Harris a “Marxist,” adding “This is not the savior of democracy.”

Behar pushed back once again saying, “This is… obviously on a smaller level because her life is not at stake. But what she’s doing is brave, because she’s going against her own people. That doesn’t mean that I would vote for her, or you would. But give her that, at least.”

Hostin questioned Cheney’s bravery as “a wealthy woman,” prompting Goldberg to intervene once again, saying:

“What matters to me is that someone from that end of the rope said, ‘Not this again,” she said. “I would never vote for her, but I can appreciate somebody who stands up and says, ‘This isn’t right, and I do see that the emperor isn’t wearing clothes.”

Watch a clip below: