The Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson are still going on and the ladies The View have continued to discuss the historic hearings so far.

In today’s opening segment the hosts discussed the historic nomination of Jackson and responded to some of the questions Republican Senators initiated during the session.

Whoopi Goldberg praised Jackson for being a “pillar of strength” during the hearings in which she was subjected to a  “third day of Republican attacks,” in Goldberg's words.

As reported by Decider, the show then transitioned into an emotional clip of Senator Cory Booker praising Jackson that shed a light on the plight of Black women everywhere. The clip left Jackson visibly emotional.

Goldberg took no time in reveling in the clip, instead accusing Democratic senators of not doing enough to help protect Jackson from the vicious line of questions Republican senators continually asked.

Sara Haines replied to Goldberg by criticizing Dems for “failing to counter the misinformation,” and giving a backhanded compliment to Republicans for a unified front in their strategy during the hearings.

Joy Behar interjected saying, “Mostly lies.'

Haines responded with, “That’s gaslighting, dude! They keep saying it until someone believes it.”

Sunny Hostin agreed with the “disingenuous”  line of questioning Republican senators took, as well as the Democrat’s lack of response.

“Democrats always seem to fall back on decency,” Hostin said. “You know, the old Michelle Obama ‘When they go low, we go high’? I think when they ‘go low,’ we need to go to the Earth’s crust.”

Watch the clip below: