Joy Behar said that Sunny Hostin should “grow up” when they discussed this royal family debacle.

Princess Diana’s legacy is coming into question at The View table with Joy Behar calling the beloved late royal “naive.”

According to Decider, the panel talked about Diana in light of Queen Elizabeth’s death Thursday. With the queen’s passing, her son, Prince Charles, is now king. This makes Charles’ second wife, Camilla, the Queen Consort.

As royal-watchers and Diana fans are aware of, Camilla was the other woman in Diana's relationship with Charles.

Sunny Hostin led the conversation with her opinion that it’s in poor taste to make Camilla the Queen Consort.

“I’m sorry, I think that women that are having affairs with married men around the world are saying, ‘I can sleep with a married man and get the crown,” she said. “I just think she should’ve been the Duchess of Wales.”

Behar reacted by telling Hostin not to be "naive," the word she would later use to describe Diana in her relationship with Charles.

“That is the history of the monarchy,” Behar said. “They all have affairs. Do you think Prince Phillip was so pure?”

Hostin argued that even if they all have extramarital affairs, “they say with the women they marry.” She also said she doesn’t like Camilla earning her Queen Consort title, adding that she felt Camilla “should still be by [Charles’s] side but not as the Queen.”

Behar shot back that Hostin should "grow up," adding that Charles "loves" Camilla.

“She’s his soul mate,” she said. “He likes her, he wanted her. He didn’t want Diana. He was pushed into that…I love Diana, but she was naive, I’m sorry.”

For once, the argument setting off the panel wasn’t about politics per se–the debates around the monarchy are inherently political, since their wealth is based on colonialism and crimes against marginalized people.

But generally, the discussions on The View revolve around American politics, leading audiences to take sides against certain panelists.

The main subject of the audience’s ire has been Alyssa Farah Griffin, who was formally a Trump supporter and member of his presidential administration, but has since become an anti-Trumper.

Watch a clip below: