Any co-host or guest host of The View better be ready for a debate while giving their take on specific issues. Some of the greatest moments in television history have been thanks to the ladies of the roundtable and their heated discussions regarding social issues and entertainment. This week has been no different when discussion teaching critical race theory in schools. 

Though she isn’t a typical conservative panelist, it seems as if Daily Blast Live came with conservative talking points when she guest hosted on Tuesday

Lindsay Granger says critical race theory needs to be ‘downsized’

Granger, spoke on the examination of critical race theory. The discussion was in response to Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Granger didn’t agree on much of the conversation surrounding what Jackson’s “hidden agenda” was from Republicans. She did argue that Marsha Blackburn has a point in asking Brown — who resides on a school board — her thoughts on critical race theory. “Critical race theory as it stands is this overseeing idea we have from Harvard Law needs to be downsized for 7-year-olds,” Granger said.

Hostin shot back, explaining, “It’s not being taught to 7-year-olds…We wanna teach kids about African American history and the history of this country.”

Granger agreed to Hostin’s point but said that she has a different experience. “As a Black woman who attended a predominately white school, I sat in those classrooms and I remember that slavery was the biggest issue on the docket as it regards to Black history. I think we should talk about Tulsa, Oklahoma, and not just the fact that the city was burned down, the fact that Black people were the most prosperous just after being in worse conditions. 

She also added: “I have a 6-month-old daughter, she needs to understand Black excellence,” she said. “She needs to see more of that.”

Granger also got into a debate about COVID and masks

She said, as reported by Primetimer, “In the past maybe Democrats maintained the narrative on education, but that has completely changed. I think Republicans are now taking that over, with Democrats being more concerned about changing the names of schools versus getting kids back in school when we were in the pandemic. What’s more important? Keeping the parents involved in their kids’ education, or teaching them—”

“Wait a minute,” said Behar “What’s more important, your health or your education? If you have to have one, for a short period of time—”

“I think they’re equally as important,” replied Granger. “The effects on kids are obvious when it came down to masks. They were wearing them [below the chin], up here … Kids should be back in school.”

Behar then asked her if she thought poor mask wearing should eliminate them entirely, and she responded by saying, 'Democrats largely kept them out of schools.'

Goldberg hit back, stating, “I’m sorry. No, that’s not true! What kept them out of school was Omicron!”

“It is not over,” she continued as Granger said kids were “failing miserably” during remote classes. “It is not up. But I know that nobody went to work. Nobody went to school. Everybody was cranky, and that’s what it was,” she said. “But what kept people out of the buildings and out of their schools was this idea that there was something out there that we hadn’t dealt with in our lifetime that was killing people!”

Watch a clip below: