Joy Behar had a few words for former Vice President Mike Pence and Donald Trump’s White House staff on the latest episode of The View.

During the Hot Topics segment, Behar let it be known that she is not a fan of Pence, despite other people framing him as a hero following his vice presidency.

1. Joy Behar ripped Mike Pence for not 'turning on Trump' during his presidency.

“These people who are now all like recovering addicts, recovering addicts in the Trump world that come on, even on this show, they come and they go on all the shows and they suddenly turn on Trump,” Behar said. “Where were you all that time when he was talking about grabbing women by their nether regions, when he made fun of war hero John McCain, when he criticized soldiers being cowards, Gold Star families?”

She continued, “I mean, come on. Where was Mike Pence when Trump called Zelensky to ask him to interfere in the election? Where was he during the impeachment process? He was not there.”

2. Behar called Mike Pence's behavior "disgraceful."

Joy Behar went on to slam Mike Pence’s behavior as “just disgraceful,” before proclaiming, “We are onto all of them. Don’t try and fool us. And if he was just doing his job and he became a hero, then we’re heroes, because we’re just doing our job.”

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3. Watch the full discussion about Mike Pence below: