Whoopi Goldberg wanted Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sunny Hostin to tamp down the arguing on The View when it came to Hostin comparing conservative white women to cockroaches voting for raid.

As reported by Decider, Tuesday’s episode of The View featured another one of the talk show’s political arguments. Griffin voiced her concern about how the far left has spoken about conservatives, believing that the talk has “become so negative.”

But Hostin challenged her, saying, "Who are these far left people? 'Cause I don't think you can 'both sides' this…the far left did not storm the Capitol.

Griffin cited Hostin’s recent comments comparing conservative white women who vote for far right policies as being like cochroaches voting for Raid. Hostin said she was misquoted and wasn’t directly comparing conservative white women to cockroaches, but making an analogy.

When the argument was set to continue, Goldberg shouted over both of them, saying, "I'm gonna ask you to noe it down a bit, 'cause I can't hear anything. No one can hear what's being said."

Hostin continued, saying, “[Griffin] just said I called white women roaches, which, my mother is a white woman. So I wouldn’t say that. Second of all, what I used was a metaphor, really more of a simile. And I said, white women Republicans. I just read a poll that the suburbs are now voting Republican. That is like roaches voting for Raid.”

She also said that she got her "roaches" comment from John Leguizamo, and the comment was recently made regarding Latino voters.

But as Hostin said, no one had a problem with that comment when it was about them. She also accused Griffin of “twisting” her words.

"Don't say I called white women roaches because I didn't," she said.

Goldberg sent the show to commercial break, adding, “I can’t take it.”

The View clearly goes off the rails at time, but it often takes a lot for Goldberg, the panel’s lead host, to get pointedly frustrated with even the co-hosts she usually agrees with. As was the case with this argument, this was one of those times where Goldberg had had enough of the bickering.