The View‘s Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro argue over Ivanka Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

According to Decider, on Friday’s episode, the co-hosts discussed whether Ivanka’s role in the insurrection was big enough to go under investigation by the Jan. 6 committee. Hostin said that Trump and her husband Jared Kushner “used the office of the President to make money” and said it was the height of the other nepotism that took place during Donald Trump’s presidency. After admitting that she didn’t know if Ivanka would cooperate, she said she thinks “it’s less about Ivanka protecting her father and more about Ivanka protecting herself,” adding that Ivanka and Kushner “made between $173 million and $640 million while they worked at the white house” under Trump’s father.

However, Navarro, who usually agrees with the panel about Ivanka, said that while she agreed with most of what Hostin had to say, she believed the committee wasn't looking into anything about the nepotism but more about her first-hand knowledge about the events of that day.

“…[E]verything you said, I agree with. But I don’t think the Jan. 6 committee is looking into any of that,” she said. “I think they have a very narrow scope and they’re looking at the events. She’s got a first-hand account.”

Navarro continued, saying that Ivanka and her husband have been trying to rehabilitate their image, but that she ultimately believed that Ivanka would save herself by participating in the probe.

“Ivanka’s always trying to portray herself as the rational adult in the room who was trying to talk sense into her father,” she said. “She’s trying to whitewash what happened on Jan. 6 and her role. If she wants that, her best bet is to try to go in and say it herself.

Hostin and Navarro both argued about if Ivanka’s money-making during her father’s presidency should be under investigation, with Hostin saying that she would love to put Ivanka on the stand.

"I would ask her about the money. I would ask her about the self-dealing, I would ask her about her interest," she said.

“But not for the Jan. 6 committee, Sunny,” said Navarro. “The Jan. 6 committee is formed under regulations of the House of Representatives with the very narrow scope of looking into the events.”

Hostin interrupted to argue that her self-interests play into the committee, saying, “Her bias has something to do with how she advised him.”

Joy Behar added, “She’s like any other daughter of a mob family. You don’t talk against your father.”

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