Thursday’s The View, which celebrated Whoopi Goldberg’s birthday, got spicier than usual when the panel engaged in a frank conversation about sex, leading to Goldberg to feel grossed out.

According to Decider, the discussion started when the panel talked about a sex therapist being shocked to find out that his male patients didn’t factor in sexual attraction when looking for a potential partner.

Instead, the therapist found that his patients focused more on "motherhood, potential friendship, and how both their families get along."

Goldberg asked the other women on the panel if they believed men have separate categories for people they consider marriage-worthy and people they feel are just sexual partners. Hostin said she thought so, saying, “They want a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets.”

As the conversation surrounding this topic continued, Goldberg's pained indifference to the topic became more visible, to the point where Joy Behar and Sara Haines joked about Goldberg's reactions.

“Whoopi, stop that! It’s your birthday, be nice!” Behar said, with Haines saying, “I feel like we’re punishing her on her birthday.”

Goldberg replied, “You are!”

The hosts joked with Goldberg about if she was a "freak in the sheets," to which Goldberg said, "I am all things. I am all those things. On Monday, I'm freaky. On Tuesday, I'm very, very Christian."

While we might not want to know anything about Goldberg’s sex life, the moment was at least a nice, humorous reprieve from the amount of political bickering that goes on between The View panelists.