Sunny Hostin threw some light shade at Katie Couric regarding Couric’s statements about former CNN president Jeff Zucker.

As Decider reports, The View co-hosts talked about Zucker, who was a hot topic because of his resignation as a result of the investigation into Chris Cuomo using his connections to help his brother, former New York governor Andrew Cuomo during his sexual harassment case.

Zucker admitted that he had been in a relationship with a “close colleague” for 20 years.

That colleague, Allison Gollust, had “garnered special favor” from Zucker, according to The View co-host Sara Haines.

Hostin brought up how the relationship reminded her of how relationships were treated at other networks, most notably NBC, at which Matt Lauer used his power to lord over women's careers.

“Fairness is the big thing,” she said. “Katie Couric wrote in her book [Going There], in her memoir, that she was uncomfortable with [Zucker’s] relatoinship, that there was something that seemed odd.”

“She worked with Matt Lauer,” said Behar. “Was she uncomfortable with that relatoinship?”

Hostin replied, “She wrote a little bit about it, yeah. But not quite…a lot.” The insinuation, of course, is that Couric had a lot to say about Zucker in her book, but is silent on Lauer, for whatever reason, despite Lauer’s treatment of women being far worse than Zucker’s (as far as we know right now).

Hostin eventually brought up the fact that perhaps Gollust should be fired as well for her part in the relationship, saying, “As women, don’t we want to hold other women to the same standards as we hold men? Everyone’s saying, ‘Yes! Jeff Zucker has to go.’ Why does Allison get to keep her job when she also had an incredible indiscretion, and an incredible lack of judgement?”

So far, Gollust has still retained her job.

Meanwhile at The View, the show has been at the center of controversy regarding Whoopi Goldberg’s two-week suspension for her statements on the Holocaust. The hosts are reportedly angry about the decision, with Ana Navarro giving a statement to The Daily Beast about how she felt the suspension was unnecessary.

Watch a clip below: